Homemade peanut butter [ R e c i p e ]


I am a big fan of homemade meals and treats for the same main reason all the (hipsterish) food fanatics out there are: you can control the ingredients of the meal you eat. You will know, for example, the exact quantity of salt and sugar which will go into your food. And I do care about the sugar intake, not only for weight issues, but mainly for keeping the inflammation away in my autoimmune disease.

So I finally made my own (almost raw) peanut butter and it is so easy to make and there are so many recipes on the big internet that I can barely name mine a recipe, but I will post my version anyway as it was a great discovery for me.


Since I do not have a Vitamix blender, I make the butter in the chopper I got with my immersion blender (700 watt) and it works perfectly every time, although I make small batches. Just bear in mind that this recipe calls for a pretty strong food processor with an “S” blade.

What you will need for the peanut butter:

150 – 200 grams of raw peanuts *
(coarse) sea salt or Himalaya salt
cold-pressed coconut oil – optional
natural sweetener (like honey) – optional 

I first roast** the peanuts with a few pinches of salt for about 7 minutes at 150 C and then I transfer them to the food processor and blend until I get the desired consistency. The peanuts will of course not turn into butter from the first 2 minutes, they will first get into a powder which will slowly become oily and start looking like a butter, so do not add any liquid or oil at this point. After blending for about 10 minutes, most probably the peanut butter will have the right consistency and this is when you taste and decide if it needs more salt/ sweetener. And you could also add a 1/2 teaspoon (or more) of coconut oil to your taste.

* You can use any mix of nuts and seeds to your liking.

** You can skip roasting and just blend them raw, but I like the fragrance when they are slightly roasted. Or you could keep them in the oven until they are completely roasted and the final result in this case will be a similar butter taste to the supermarket bought one.

I usually serve mine with apple slices and honey, but I promise I will try to add it to smoothies and oatmeals as well.



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