Where to buy excellent Greek products in Bucharest [100% organic olive oil, olives, sesame pasta]

Greek olives

I finally had the chance to visit the largest farmer’s market in Bucharest in good company. My Greek colleague Georgios kept telling me about some excellent organic olive oil he bought in Obor, produced by a Greek family. He was praising the homemade sesame pasta as well and I couldn’t get the Greek honey out of my head, so I had to get there and see for myself. If that counts, my Greek colleague’s family used to own olive orchards themselves and I trust him 100% when it comes to extra virgin olive oil, how it should look like, smell and taste. Plus, G. is a man who never grows old, but seems to  get younger every day instead, so there’s no harm in trying to find out his secret.

I usually head to Obor on weekends to buy some fresh herbs and I always end up with a lot of nuts and seeds as here you find the cheapest cashew, almonds, walnuts, chia and so on. Not to mention the variety of spices which come with best prices, too.

But the market can be a real mess as well. It’s very large, chaotic,  mostly crowded and if you are looking for something in particular and didn’t bump into it by mistake already,  then you do need someone to show you the way. No, instructions do not really help.

So here I am on a Saturday morning, one day before the Romanian Easter, in search for the real deal. Hoping for some feta as well, why not.

In the area where I normally buy nuts and seeds, in one of the aisles, somehow in the middle of the hall,  2 beautiful young people are selling both Greek delicacies and other delicious nuts and spices. They are brother and sister and came to Romania together with their mother, driven away by the crisis in Greece. They are now studying here, but they also set up a small business. Their father is still in Greece, in the countryside, and he is the producer of the wonderful, fruity olive oil & olives, the extra delicious and healthy sesame pasta, natural honey. Too bad they are not fond of Facebook and this way they don’t really advertise their products online.

Olives Greece

My colleague G. always buys some Greek crackers with seeds that he slathers with tahini and honey for breakfast. And he never leaves this place without olive oil, olives and sesame pasta.

Greek crackers

This time I copied him and I also bought the greenish, fruity olive oil (35 RON/1L), some oily tasty olives (25 RON/kg) and the  oh-so praised sesame pasta (15 RON/pot).


The Greek giant dried figs are also a winner. And I couldn’t resist the Greek oregano which has a stronger flavor , almost minty but at the same time it tastes like the sea. And I pre-ordered a pot of organic thyme honey for next time.

Greek oregno

What else can you find here?  Spices (they also have Ceylon cinnamon, dried lemongrass), nuts (both raw & roasted), wasabi nuts, seeds, dried fruits (pick the Greek figs!), saffron, Greek traditional pasta, brown rice, legumes, Greek fava, halva, sun dried tomatoes. And interesting teas, this time it was rose petal tea, but next time for sure I will try the Greek mountain tea (Sideritis).

Greek pastaGreek mountain teacondimente oborGreek_olives


Are you done with your shopping? Now do yourself a favor and add a splash of olive oil on those tomatoes and enjoy!

Greek style snack

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