Sunday Note [Bucharest]

Bucuresti toamna

Having the Green Kitchen Stories’s New Yoga Pot recipe in mind for a while now, this morning I headed to the farmer’s market to get the missing ingredients. Or I just used this  as an excuse to get up earlier and walk all the way to the market, admiring the old houses in the October sunlight.

And I actually did manage to finally cook this new yoga pot, but only after purchasing a cast iron casserole as it’s stews and soups weather already (yey!) and high time to invest in a stylish, sturdy red pot. The dish turned out as nourishing as expected, packed with healthy veggies and spices (including raw ginger). But, without jumping to conclusions, I dare say turmeric pairs better with cumin and coriander than with raw ginger. No photos with my bowl of warming stew unfortunately , but here are a few random pics I took on my way to the farmer’s market.

Have a lovely week!


House Bucharest

Strada Romulus

Toamna in Bucuresti

Bucharest Architecture Bucharest

Sfantul Stefan Bucuresti

Sfantul Stefan Bucuresti

Le Boutique


Pache Protopopescu BucurestiBulevardul FerdinandGreek Church Bucharest

Intrarea Margareta BucurestiIntrarea Margareta Bucuresti



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