Harvest in June [ Romanian Countryside ]

Flori de tei

The paradise could very well be grandma’s garden in June, in a village in the South where you have the most delicious homegrown tomatoes, where you can pick your own raspberries and embark on the quest to find the most flavorful dill which still grows wild in the garden as it used to. There was outdoor lunch, elder flower and linden tea and one crate of vegetables to go.

Lunch details (photos below) : the much-loved Romanian polenta, freshly dug potatoes fried by my grandma (amazingly sweet and delicious), pan fried peppers, homemade cheese and garlic sauce (crushed garlic ground into a paste with salt and sun flower oil).
Raspberry Zmeura Flower pots Sub nuc Cos

Fried peppers
vegetablesvegetablesDSC_0442 vegetablescup of tealinden flower

Tilialinden flower

linden tea

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