Piata Obor – A Must Visit Market in Bucharest

If you are a dedicated foodie, looking for a place with various local, seasonal and out of season products and Romanian street food, in a very local atmosphere, then this should be your destination. Even if you just need to do the shopping, this is the place where you can find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices, meats, fish, cheeses, nuts and seeds, delicious bread.

Or like me, you feel nostalgic for your grandma’s garden which used to change so beautifully every season, the smell of the freshly picked parsley in her stews or soups.

I usually wander among the stalls, it’s a true pleasure and at the end I always end up buying at least some fresh herbs (parsley, coriander,basil, dill, lovage, tarragon, mint, thyme etc) and apples – so far, the tastiest apples I have ever eaten were in Romania đŸ˜›

The market is huge, so there are a lot of useless things as well, but I mostly try to stick to the fresh veggies and fruits as here you can find the cheapest seasonal products. For example, when in season, this is the right market in Bucharest for blueberries, cranberries and raspberries thanks to the variety, freshness and the very good prices. Walnuts and prunes are also a good bargain.

Also, one of the things on my to-do list is to have “mici” (Romanian grilled ground meat rolls) at the food stall in front of the market.

 Fresh herbs and organic Tea



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